Can I lose my Trade Mark Right?

Once a trade mark has become fully registered, it will usually last for a period of 10years in most countries, after which it can be renewed every 10years almost indefinitely. The Bass Ale logo, the first trade mark to be registered in the UK, has been in force constantly since 1875 for instance. However, even after all this time, there are several ways Bass, or anyone may lose their mark.


In most countries, a trade mark will be in force for a period of 10-15years. Before the end of this period, you will have the option of renewing again. However, if you fail to renew on time, the trade mark will lapse, and you will lose legal protection for your trade mark, and potentially could allow someone else to register your hard-earned trade mark.


Once a trade mark has been granted, it is still possible for the trade mark to be disputed by a third party, although their chance of success would be lower than if they had objected during the publication period. There must be valid grounds for the cancellation request and it must have legal standing. Before applying for the trade mark, it is worth to search the internet to determine if there are any similarly name competitors out there to determine if there is a possibility of a future objection years down the line. BKIP has over twenty years’ experience in both filing objections, and defending objections, so will be able to assist in whatever the circumstances.


In the USA in particular, trade mark status is dependant upon the trade mark actually being in use. In the US according to the Lanham Act, if a trade mark hasn’t been used for three consecutive years , there will be a rebuttable presumption the trade mark has been abandoned. Elsewhere, if a trade mark isn’t being used, it could become easy for a third party to try to have your trade mark cancelled.

Trade Mark too Generic

Worldwide, one of the most stringent features of a trade mark is that the trade mark is distinctive. If a trade mark term becomes too generic and describes the business activity, then the trade mark loses its distinctiveness and thus could lose its status as a trade mark. There are many terms that we use today that started out as business names, some of the most famous of which are Hoover, Jet ski, Escalator and Jacuzzi.

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