Certificate of Registration for Trademark

After the trademark application is approved, the most awaited moment is the granting of certificate of registration for trademark. The certificate not only proves that you own the rights of trademark, it also represents that your trademark is under protection. If you face situations like infringements of trademark, the certificate can be used as one of the proofs.

However, what should we do after getting the certificate? Below are aspects that we should pay attention to:

  1. Actual use in a broad sense: the most important element of trademark is actual use. Actual use means that you apply the trademark on your business, for example the company’s image, website and product package etc.
  2. Actual use in a narrow sense: it means not only the actual use on the above items, but also more accurate use on the registered products or services. For example, if the trademark is used in the service category, the company must in fact provide the relevant service. To illustrate it more vividly, if the trademark is used in the “wholesale and retail of beverage”, the service of “wholesale and retail of beverage” must be illustrated in detail.
  3. Preservation of certificate: the certificate should be kept safely upon receipt. As mentioned above, the certificate represents the rights of trademark you own. And if you would like to expand your business to other countries, the certificate would be a good tool. Therefore, you should keep the certificate with care and avoid losing it.

To sum up, the actual use of trademark and preservation of certificate assist you in your business. If you have more enquiries regarding certificate of registration for trademark or if you want to know more about the details, please contact us at your convenience. We have a team of professionals to advise you on your questions and problems.

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