From TV drama “The Untamed” to international trademark registration

Recently, the costume drama “The Untamed”, which once rated higher than 8.0 score on Douban, has become one of the most influential TV drama this summer.

For such an influential work, the usage and protection of its trademark are very important because it will, to a very large extent, affect its derivatives and peripheral products or even the revenue of drama sales. It is impressive that the producers value the protection of intellectual property very much and they have already filed application for the registration of the trademark of “The Untamed” locally under different categories.

Now, “The Unatemd” has great influence not only in local market, but also in Thailand and Korea. It is ranked at the top of the hot searches and of the list of Asian TV dramas in foreign review websites. The two protagonists – Xian Zhan and Wang Yibo have gained fame both locally and internationally; they even attended fans gatherings in Thailand. From the perspectives of marketing strategy and intellectual property protection, the producers can consider apply for the international trademark registration for the TV drama name “The Untamed”.


There are two ways of international trademark registration. One of which is to register in a single country. The other is to register under the Madrid System. Registering in a single country requires the applicants to file applications to the trademark body of each country, in accordance with their laws respectively. Registration under the Madrid System allow trademark registration between the member states of the Madrid Union, in accordance with the requirements of Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks and Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement. The differences between both are:


  1. Difference in application procedure: the Madrid System requires the applicants to file an application to the International Bureau through its agent. Also, the registration is limited to some or all member states of the Madrid Union. Registering trademark in different countries in separation requires the applicants to apply to the respective review bodies in accordance with their respective legal requirements.
  2. Difference in the application fee: the biggest feature of the Madrid System is efficiency and lower cost. One single trademark application can obtain protection of the registered trademark from one or more member states of the Madrid Union.
  3. Difference in the registration basis: trademarks must be registered or at least an application of which must be filed in a country before they can be registered in the Madrid System. The biggest feature of a single country trademark registration is that the right holders are allowed to file an application anytime according to their need, without having to satisfy the prerequisite of local trademark registration.
  4. Difference in certificates: registrants applying under the Madrid System will only be given a uniform proof of registration issued by the International Bureau upon successful registration. The proof of registration has similar effect as the notice of acceptance issued by the local registration body. And the Madrid System usually does not issue certificate. Registrants applying in a single country will be given a trademark certificate.
  5. Difference in the registration application period: normally it takes around a year to complete the Madrid System international trademark registration. Registration in a single country may, however, face some countries which have longer review period. Besides, the Madrid System can considerably reduce the waiting time of the registrant to obtain trademark protection from a particular country.


From the above, it is better to choose the Madrid System international registration for the trademark registration of “The Untamed” in order to realize internationalization of its trademark. Such that, the corporate can win more competitive edges. At last, we hope that, from this article, you will know more about the knowledge of trademark and be aware of trademark protection while enjoying the TV drama.

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