Relationship between cross search and choice of class for products

When you decide to register your trademark, you will surely think whether my trademark is registrable? As intellectual property receives more attention, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office provides more information and suggestion regarding the registration of trademark. One of which is “trademark search”. Through the official search system of the Office, you can conduct a research for your trademark. It avoids the risk of noticing similar precedents after filing the application. However, sometimes, irrelevant classes may be found even if you searched for the class you would like to register in. Having knowledge about “cross search” assists your search and choice of trademark.


“Cross search” stems from the existence groups similar to the class searched. It is why other classes will be shown when searching for a specific class. For example, when you search for Class 3, other groups will be found, such as Group 05, 21, 35 and 44. It is due to the existence of similar products or services in other classes. This is the relevance of cross search.


In light of the above, how can we avoid the effect of cross search that may hinder the registration? Reference can be made to the suggestions by the Office on product’s classes. You should also try to avoid the problem of cross search. Of course, you should seek advice from professional agencies for the tactics to avoid the problem of cross search and the procedure of registration. We have profound experience in this area that can help you conduct a professional for your trademark, such that you will encounter little, if not none, hindrance on your choice of product classes.

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