Trademark infringement in Taiwan

The recent news in Taiwan is the famous bakery “NAN MAM TANG” ’s owner filing the charge against his nephew regarding the trademark infringement that using the same mark “NAN MAM TANG” and selling the same/ similar goods.


Throughout this news, we could learn the importance of establish the owner of the mark to avoid the said matters. According to the news, the owner is indeed has the trademark right, if his nephew wishes to use the mark, he should ask the owner to authorize the trademark right instead of stating the bakery is family business, the stock of shares has been transfer to his mother…etc. so that he is rightful to use the mark without asking.


In all, in order to refrain from infringement or disputes after you finally obtains the trademark right, we suggest you to get fully prepared before filing the trademark and also, you may consult the professional trademark attorney for receiving a full scale of the plan to have your right protected and avoid the possible cost while facing the unpredictable disputes.

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