US Trademark certificate

Congratulations! Once you receive your trademark certificate from the United States Patent Trademark Office, you are officially the owner of your trademark. A federal trademark registration gives you the exclusive rights to use your trademark in all 50 US states. Your brand has an identity and your customers can identify you.

The trademark certificate will specify a list of items associated with your trademark. The following is the contents of a US trademark certificate:

  1. Trademark – logo and wording
  2. Assigned 7 digit registration number
  • Classification number identifying your trademark goods and services
  1. Type of register – Principal or Supplemental
  2. Trademark standard or stylized wording claimed
  3. Trademark font, size and colors claimed
  • Trademark disclaimed wording
  • Dates first use of your mark in business (commerce)

The United States Patent Trademark Office will not individually inform you that your trademark has been registered and will be mailed to you. It is your responsibility to track the progress of your case. The USPTO has provided an open to the public website called where all records and documents regarding your case are stored. It is on this website that your trademark certificate will be uploaded in a pdf file for you to download and print. To access your information you will need to have your assigned serial number with your trademark and click TSDR (Trademark Status Document Retrieval) where all your documents and certificate can be found.

In TSDR the status of your application will read ‘Paper Correspondence Incoming.’ This means your certificate has been mailed to the correspondence address as specified on the initial trademark application filed. It is important to ensure that your trademark agent has the correct correspondence address. Incorrect correspondence address will result in trademark certificates being sent back to the USPTO.

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